“Thinking about what you don’t want – all your worries and negative thoughts – will never help you achieve your goal. Only when you focus on the outcome you want, will you achieve the happiness and success you desire”

PTOP Mona Lisa-1Negative thoughts will stop you in your tracks.

Have you ever been stopped by that little voice inside you whispering, “You can’t do that”?

Recently I read that research has proven that the more you try to be positive, the more unhappy you get. Really, how can you be positive when things aren’t the way you want right now?

Powerful Thinking helps you to be more positive without that negative thought or feeling popping up so that you can be, do, and have the life you want.

After years of helping people feel better and get over their fears, I stumbled on a profound and easy way that helped my clients feel better faster than I imagined. It’s called Powerful Thinking.

Powerful Thinking on Purpose is Not Just Positive Thinking 

Is Powerful Thinking easy?

Is it magic?
It feels like it, but it’s not.

Can anyone do it?

Stuck With Negative Thoughts

Thirteen years ago I was struggling.  I wanted to start my own hypnosis and coaching practice, but I couldn’t get past all the worries and anxieties. I knew I had the skills to make it happen, but I got caught up in my negative thinking. “What if this doesn’t work and I lose money?” “What if I can’t pay my bills?” and even worse “What if I lose my house?”

I spent more time worrying than doing. I knew I didn’t want to move back into the career I was trained in. The thought of working in the financial field for the rest of my life left me with an empty sinking feeling of hopelessness. I was stuck.

Change Your Thoughts

I knew that I had to be more optimistic and do things that were out of my comfort zone in order to be successful. I had to change my mindset so I began to focus my thoughts in a different way. I chose to be more aware of my fears and worries, and found ways to address them quickly. I became pro-active rather than reactive. Soon, nothing was keeping me down anymore.

When I learned how to direct my thoughts, I began to feel better and better – and before long I was doing what I needed to do to get my business going.

Where are you now?

Maybe you want to make a change in your life, but something stops you. Thoughts like “What if I fail?” or “It will take too long.” “I don’t know if it will work,” will always get in the way of you taking the next step.

If you stay where you are and never start, will you wonder what could have been? Will you regret never trying?

Positive thinking, directing your thoughts, and intentionally focusing on what you want are the keys to moving your life in the direction you want. You can DO anything you want – when worry and fear are gone.

Your thoughts are important, because they will change your life.

When you are more positive, you can achieve any goal – Without the anxiety that comes with fear, worry, and anxiety.

I know that you want to go through life without anxiety and fear, and be more positive. Who doesn’t? But I know that sometimes it’s not easy to be positive.

This is where Powerful Thinking comes in.

Discover how to use powerful thinking to train your mind to:

  • Get over fears
  • Do what you need to do without anxiety
  • Enjoy life more

You Don’t Have to Stay Stuck

Powerful Thinking will take you step by step to help you attract what you want – and easily achieve your goals – without struggle. You can start your own business. You can have your perfect partner. You can enjoy your life and even financial freedom. The truth is that everything you want is available to you – but only if you have the MINDSET needed for success.

Discover How To:

      • Stop worry
      • Stay motivated 
      • Achieve your dreams 
Powerful Thinking on Purpose takes you BEYOND positive thinking and affirmations. Using Powerful Thinking you can quickly change your thoughts and feelings and stop old fears and worries. 

Once you learn how EASY it is to direct your thoughts, you’ll automatically reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety. Your attitude will improve, and you will begin to attract more happiness. Your life will get a whole lot better.

With a more positive attitude you can do things that used to cause you stress and worry. When you implement the simple concepts and become a more powerful positive thinker,  you can achieve your goals. You can get easily get over those old fears that have stopped you in the past.

Think about what you put off or walk away from because of worry or stress. What would it be like if you could do that – without worry or stress, and feel calm and confident?


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Is it a struggle to stay POSITIVE?

You know that you CAN make changes. You know that you CAN do things differently. Knowing this makes you feel good. You decide that you need to be more positive, but positive thinking just doesn't stick. It’s a struggle to hold on to that positive feeling. With Powerful Thinking on Purpose you can BE HAPPY AND STAY MORE POSITIVE.

Do you want MORE out of life?

Have you ever wished that you could be happier and more fulfilled? Other people seem to get more out of life but why can’t you? Are you tired of going through the motions each day, kind of just feeling OK? With Powerful Thinking on Purpose you can get MORE OUT OF LIFE.

Do you feel STUCK?

When you get stuck, whether it’s in a job or a relationship that isn’t satisfying, it can often feel as if there is no way out. There are lots of reasons to stay where you are, but ultimately, you’d rather be doing something else. With Powerful Thinking on Purpose you NEVER HAVE TO STAY STUCK.