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Powerful Thinking is a tool kit of powerful techniques to help you overcome fears and limiting beliefs that sabotage your success.

I teach these tools in our office at The Center of Success, Wayne, PA and online. Click for information about my upcoming Powerful Thinking Weekend.

If you aren’t experiencing the success, the love, and the financial security you desire – here’s an important fact to know:

Success, love, and money are never the result of luck.

Success, love, and money, only happen when your expectations and positive thoughts are a firm part of your belief system. If you don’t believe you’ll will get success, love, or financial security – you will never get them.

But…you might not know yet that you don’t have to believe that. As long as you have the desire, then you can learn the techniques to achieve practically anything you desire.

I mean “practically anything” because I don’t think you can become a star basketball player if you can’t dribble a ball, or jump off your bed and land on the moon 😉

Powerful Thinking will help you change your life so you can enjoy the career, love, and life you want.

“I was driving in my car and realized I never thanked you. I’ve only gained momentum since we met. I’ve really stuck with it and worked at it, and consciously take time every day to do so. I think that is why it’s made such a difference. My real estate business exploded in the last 12 months. I moved downtown to center city and I’ve done an extraordinary amount of real estate sales while building my development projects.
I can always do more to eliminate waste and better manage people, but my happiness and quality of life has gone way up despite an increased workload. I thought I was doing pretty well when we met, but since then I’ve tripled my income. I’m grateful I somehow found my way into your office. Thanks!” -Jim Robertson, Philadelphia

Whatever your beliefs and thoughts are, they will always become your self-fulfilling prophecy.

Unfortunately your limiting beliefs can HOLD YOU BACK from personal success.

Most people try affirmations to help overcome these beliefs. Unfortunately most affirmations backfire and cause you to stay stuck where you are – because what you are repeating over and over just isn’t believable.

Powerful Thinking teaches you how to attract the love you want, the career you want, and most important – to enjoy your life by creating new thought patterns – without having to spend years in therapy.

Once you learn Powerful Thinking, your life will change .


Reason 1: When you are trying to be positive and you sense or feel resistance, or just know inside that it isn’t true, it will be almost impossible to repeat that affirmation after a while. We cannot lie to ourselves and therefore we have to drop that affirmation.

Reason 2: When you are reading an affirmation and they aren’t your words, they rarely ring true for you.

Reason 3: When an affirmation contains words such as “don’t” or “will” your inner subconscious mind will reinterpret those words and the affirmation will NEVER work – even if you say it 10,000 times.

If affirmations and the Law of Attraction haven’t worked for you, it’s because you have a deep seated subconscious belief that you can’t achieve or don’t deserve what you want.


There’s nothing wrong with you. But somewhere during your life – most likely when you were young – a thought got stuck in your mind:

“I’m not smart enough.”
“I don’t deserve it.”
“I’m not lucky enough.”

Almost everyone has these thoughts. When they get in your way, we call them “limiting beliefs”.  To be successful and live the life you desire, you MUST find a way to either neutralize, eliminate, or overcome your limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are the major cause of keeping you stuck where you are.

Powerful Thinking shows you how to overcome any limiting belief – easily and quickly.

The only thing getting in the way of your success are your thoughts. Powerful Thinking teaches you how to change your thoughts – and change your life.


The techniques you learn in in my book Powerful Thinking on Purpose, will help you overcome old limiting beliefs and stop negative self talk like “Who do you think you are kidding” or “You aren’t good enough.”

You already know that to be successful you have to stop worrying and get over limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

When you become a powerful thinker, you will unleash the power of the Law of Attraction to change your life. The results are a quantum leap ahead of positive thinking. If you aren’t where you want to be right now, Powerful Thinking will get you there.