• Powerful Thinking is for Powerful Women


Powerful Thinking uses your subconscious mind to access the confidence you need to pursue your dreams.

Ever find yourself thinking, “Is this all there is?”

You’ve been taking care of others and it’s now time for you.  Things are OK, but something is missingYou aren’t entirely happy with the status quo, but you wish your life could have more    _______fill in the blank__________?

I help people just like you, who are ready to do the things you want- without fear of failure. To feel confident. To wake up in the morning enthusiastic about your day. To enjoy life more fully.


Powerful Thinking is a way of changing your thoughts to help you to access the confidence you need to pursue your dreams to:

  • Enjoy your life more
  • Access your inner confidence
  • Overcome worry
  • Easily achieve your goals


Trying to find the willpower to get out of a rut is hard.  Like trying to get out of quicksand. The harder you try, the worse it gets.

When you are worried and anxious, it’s too hard to do the stuff you want to do.

When you feel comfortable and confident, you can move forward and enjoy your life more.

Do what you are doing and you’ll get the results you are getting. Dip your toes in the water and you’ll find that you can really do more, experience more, and wake up feeling excited about your life. How you want to live your life is a choice.


When I was 45, I set out on a journey to find ways to feel more confident. That led me to becoming a Board Certified Hypnotist to help others get more out of life.

I encourage you to watch my free video, because you’ll learn a new way of thinking to stop worry and stress.  You’ll discover ways to be more positive. You can sign up at the top right of this page.

My goal is to help you break through old negative thought patterns, and access your inner confidence to enjoy your life today.

I know you can do it.