Powerful Thinking is a new way of thinking that will help you get the love you want, the career that will fulfill you, and to feel better every day.

Wendy Merron, Bd. Cert. Hypnotherapist and author of Powerful Thinking on Purpose.

Wendy Merron, Bd. Cert. Hypnotherapist and author of Powerful Thinking on Purpose.

Powerful Thinking is a simple, elegant method to shift your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, and enjoy your life more.

People who practice Powerful Thinking are happier, enjoy more opportunities, and attract more of what they want – better career, great relationships and more.

If affirmations and the Law of Attraction haven’t worked for you, the reason is that  a belief somewhere inside doesn’t believe that you can get what you want. Powerful Thinking shows you how to overcome any limiting belief – easily and quickly.

The only thing getting in the way of your success are your thoughts. Learn how to change your thoughts and you’ll change your life.


The techniques you learn in in my book, Powerful Thinking on Purpose, and in my Stop Emotional Eating Program will help you feel better and stop negative self talk like “Who do you think you are kidding” or “You aren’t good enough.”

You already know that to be successful you have to stop worrying and get over limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

Powerful Thinkers know how to stop nagging stressful thoughts.

When you become a powerful thinker, you will unleash the power of the Law of Attraction to change your life.

The results are a quantum leap ahead of positive thinking.

If you aren’t where you want to be right now, Powerful Thinking will get you there.


“Wendy Merron’s Stop Emotional Eating Program was the first time I ever felt in control of my eating.”

(It’s like a magic “Off” switch for your cravings.)

If you ever eat when you are bored, lonely, sad, or frustrated, and feel disappointed with yourself afterwards, you are one of millions suffering from emotional eating. If you struggle with the habit of grazing or binging, you are an emotional eater too.

Empty chocolate ice cream tubEmotional eating is hard to stop.  Just when you think you have control, that old habit of emotional eating shows up and you’re back where you once were. Eating junk that you regret later.

The truth is, you CAN stop emotional eating. But it’s almost impossible to use willpower and stop it by yourself.


I struggled with emotional eating for decades. Once I learned the secret to getting over this habit by using self-hypnosis, EFT Tapping, and Powerful Thinking, (rather than willpower), I was able to help my clients get in control of their cravings too.

Developed over decades, it’s the only program of it’s kind which will frees you from the never ending cycle to:

  • Permanently break the connection between emotions and food
  • Be in control of cravings
  • Stop eating junk food and lose weight

 You don’t have to stay stuck and out of control.

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