The 12 Step Program

Tired of being a Negative Thinker? Start here:


1. I admit I have power over Negative Thoughts and that being a Negative Thinker makes me feel awful.

2. I believe that a Power Greater Than Myself can help me be more positive. I want to believe this because I really need help here.

3. I make a decision to ask for help from this Power Greater Than Myself.

Hey, nothing else has worked. Got any other ideas?

4. I agree to take full responsibility for my negative thoughts. Even though they seem to have a life of their own.

5. I admit to the world, my friends, and the Power Greater Than Myself that staying a Negative Thinker serves no useful purpose, and has been the cause of much emotional pain.

Well, duh.

6. I am NOW ready to accept more positive thoughts into my life. I’m sick of complaining, negative thinking, and worrying the worst will happen.

7. I humbly ask that my friends and colleagues gently let me know when they hear me complain and spew negative words.

If this doesn’t work look me directly in my eyes and yell – STOP!

8. I make a list of all the relatives, companies, politicians, and others whom I have blamed for all the bad things in my life. I’m sorry I blamed you for everything. I’m now ready to take responsibility for my life.

9. I choose to be aware of my Negative Thinking and find ways to change. I now know that my Negative Thoughts are like powerful magnets that attract negative stuff in my life.

10. I choose to be aware of the negative words that come out of my mouth as a result of my negative thinking, and shift them to positive when possible.

11. I agree to check myself every hour or so to make sure that Negative Thoughts aren’t taking over.

Um…I might need help with this one.

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as to the power of my thoughts, I carry this message to others and to practice these principles in all areas of my life.

Wendy Merron is the author of the bestselling book Powerful Thinking on Purpose, creator of The Emotional Eating Solution, the AM/PM Tapping Technique, a Coach & Board Certified Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner at The Center of Success where she teaches the annual Hypnosis Certification Training Course.

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  1. Susan Cooper says:

    I can relate to everything you have listed. Even though all my posts are upbeat and positive, I have this dark place that I fight against that is, of course, negative thinking. I worry about things that are stupid and of no value. I am signing up for your tips right now. It can only help me get my mind bent in the right direction when I need it. 🙂

    BTW: I have subscribed to your blog as well.

  2. Great post, Wendy!

    Yes, the way how we think can really affect not just our present but our future. A lot can change if we just change the way that we think. But, we should make that decision to change our way of thinking. It starts with admitting to ourselves that we are the ones that have the problem. Otherwise, we will just keep on blaming other people for our misery and end up not enjoying life the way that others do.

  3. Mark Brody says:


    Excellent post! Like Susan, I work hard and being positive everyday, and can appreciate this post. I have one additional item that I did… I got rid of any negative influences in my life. Once I did that, my demeanor changed for the better! Have you read any of Jon Gordon’s books? You and he have very similar points in your writing!

    Keep Positive!!


    • Wendy says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Mark.
      I agree that it’s tough to be positive and optimistic when the people around us are living under a grey cloud. I do my best to limit my time with negative people – luckily it’s easy.

  4. As with many things in life, your 12 steps are mostly about – taking personal responsibility: I admit, I agree, I make, I ask, I choose. It’s occurring to me there is a theme! Creative wrappings on a powerful reminder. Thanks.

  5. Wendy says:

    Patricia, you are right. Taking responsibility makes a huge difference. I don’t
    know if it’s a new theme or if people have been suggesting it for hundreds of years. I do know that taking responsibility for my feelings and actions also means that I can change them.
    If I can’t take responsibility then I’m going to be stuck with them, with never feels good.

  6. Tommy Tan says:

    Great Article! I don’t think that I’m a negative thinker but these tips surely help if I ever sway to that path.

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