The secret about positive thinkers is that they understand that wishing and positive thinking are two sides of a coin and only one will help them reach their goal.


There are a lot of things I’d like to do.  I’d like to travel more often. I would love to participate in a jewelry making class. I wish I could hire an expert to edit my videos.

It’s enjoyable to wish about visiting the pyramids in Egypt, or to imagine reading a book on the deck of an exquisite cruise ship.

Sure wish I could have a summer home at the beach where I could hold workshops.

If I spend time thinking about all the things I want to do and never take action, I’m simply wishing. I’m wishing that my life will change by itself or I’m wishing that money will appear in my bank account magically.



I’ve done my fair share of wishing. I remember picking daisies and plucking the soft white petals while repeating the age-old phrases “He loves me” and “He loves me not.” I stopped doing this when I was twelve.

I also remember wishing that my mother had never married her second husband.

When we are young, we don’t have much control over our lives and the only thing we can do is wish that it would be better or different.

Some people decide to stay in that place where they are stuck wishing.

Wishing might feel good, but there is no guarantee that I’ll get what I want.



During a workshop last summer we were given five sheets of paper with the instructions that we were to write at least one hundred goals before we went to sleep.

It was easy to come up with ten goals, but after that I was stuck.

To complete the assignment I began to write down things I thought I would enjoy. Like having lunch with Oprah, and dinner with Richard Branson, going on an archeological dig, recording a hit song, even starring in a TV show about a hypnotist.

As I added to my list I soon realized that most of these were just wishes.  I would enjoy achieving them, but It really didn’t matter if I ever accomplished any of them.

What mattered to me most were the first ten on my list. Each of these is a specific goal that I plan to accomplish. Each goal is something that I enjoy. Through the power of positive thinking, I have already begun to take the steps needed to achieve some of these goals.

I’m a positive thinker because I believe that I can accomplish my goals.

The key to success is for me to use the power of positive thinking to achieve them more easily. The power of positive thinking is that it will always lead me to take the action I need to do the things I want, without struggle.

One of my goals is to get my book in the hands of as many people possible. Another is to help more people via Skype and Google Hangout. I’d like to become a better social marketer and create more live events.

The remaining ninety? They aren’t important enough for me to take action.

They are wishes.



What have you done today to get yourself closer to one of your goals?

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8 Responses to A Surprising Secret About Positive Thinkers

  1. Susan Cooper says:

    I am a goal setter. Once I have a goal, I create a list of needs to accomplish the goal. I can always determine if it’s a wish by the fact that the needs list does or doesn’t materialize. I’m not sure if I am a wisher or an achiever of goals, but I do make an effort. Does that say I am a positive thinker? I believe it does because I am always moving towards something. 🙂

  2. bindhurani says:

    My goal right now is to identify my audience/ customers. I know, I am doing the research to find out who like to have crochet.
    That is not just a wish. I am really working to find it out.

  3. Yvonne Wray says:

    Wendy, The distinction that you make about wishing is a good one. Goal setting is common in business, but I also use sensual goals to bring more pleasure and fun into my life.

    Sometimes when I talk with others about sensual goals they are puzzled. When I saw how you put it ‘a wish is a desire without action’ I thought this is a great concept to apply here. Desires followed up with action. Thank you!

  4. Remez Sasson says:

    I like this definition, “A wish is a desire without action”.

    In order to gain results with positive thinking, one needs to take positive action.

    Wishing is the first step. Next, you need to really want to accomplish your goal. You have to be positive and expect positive results.

    The next step is to take positive action to make your goal come true.

    Positive thinking without positive action is not enough. However, if you are really positive and your desire is strong, your motivation would be strong too, and therefore, taking action won’t be difficult.

    Positive thinking + Positive action = Success

    • Wendy says:

      Remez, you have a great point there. If the action you are taking is a struggle, then it might be time to look at what is going on…

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