This reader discovered how a few small changes began to improve her life. I couldn’t ask for a better review.

“I purchased this book because I am a very negative person and I was getting sick of it. I bought this book based off the reviews. For the first few chapters I was not too impressed. Too many ‘Webster’s dictionary defines this term as blah blah blah”. Made me wonder if the author was an idiot. But the further I read into it the more I liked it. I am VERY surprised what small changes you can make to really improve things in your life. An easy quick read and really can change your life.” Review

In Powerful Thinking, I share my knowledge and experience from helping thousands of clients. As you are gently guided through techniques to help you think differently, overcome blocks, and enjoy your life more, it’s almost as if you are in the office right with me.

Imagine if…

•  you could feel less stress and anxiety. •  you could achieve more and feel more confident. •  your life was full of love and abundance!

I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking practical ways to apply law of attraction and positive thinking to your manifestation process. Ms. Merron’s approach is “magical” in that it sheds light on the underlying issues in a way that makes you want to “take the necessary steps” towards a more fulfilling life experience. Book Review

People who are successful are positive thinkers. When you are more positive you can get over fears and do more – without anxiety, stress, and struggle.  The less stress and anxiety you experience, the more room there is for positive thinking. When you overcome anxiety and fear, it’s easier for you to do what you want to do. Stress and anxiety are the biggest mental blocks that will always get in your way. Once you get over these negative feelings, success can follow. You can move forward more easily when anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts are replaced with powerful positive thinking.


Successful and happy people have a different mindset from negative thinkers. People who practice positive thinking can easily stop negative thoughts and anxiety.  Then, they focus their energy on intentionally creating the positive thoughts needed to feel better, and achieve their goals. The truth is, most of us aren’t natural positive thinkers. The good news is that you can easily learn how to be more positive – and improve your life more than you can imagine.

“Powerful Thinking on Purpose is unique and simple. After I finished the book I started using the techniques and I immediately noticed a drastic difference in how I feel. Powerful Thinking allows me to feel that what was once impossible is possible.” – J. Markle

P.S. Here’s what others are saying about Powerful Thinking on Purpose

“I highly recommend reading Wendy’s book “Powerful Thinking on Purpose”. It is the perfect accompaniment for those providing healing practices as well as their clients to gain a fresh perspective in viewing life from a more positive, creative point of view. Great for those new to this work, as well as for those who just need a gentle reminder.” -Gary Wietecha, MD, CH

You’ll quickly appreciate the simple, step by step, instructions that you can implement immediately, to take you to a life of optimism and positive thinking. In this concise cutting-edge guide, Wendy explains the pitfalls of “positive thinking” alone, and brings you on a journey to clear thinking through Powerful Thinking on Purpose.

“With Wendy Merron’s easy to follow blueprint, I was able to create positive thoughts right away and notice a great difference in my attitude and actions toward my goals. Everyone who wants positive change in their life should read this book.” -Maria Lynn Fanelli, Director of Workplace Programs, U of P Health System

Sometimes negative thinking is a habit that’s hard to break. Many find it overwhelming or even false to try to think positively. Even the most negative person (with a desire to change) can learn to be more positive. Try it! It is so simple but the change is tremendous. Letting go of things we can’t control and turning the focus to something we can control, our thoughts, is a much better use of energy and much easier. With this simple process, in a book that you can read in one night; you’ll have the tools and motivation to move forward, direct your thoughts and achieve more of the life that you want! Get started on the road to a happier life… Click here to order your copy NOW!  Powerful Thinking on Purpose - Buy it Now

“Unlike other self help books I found this one easy to read. Wendy’s approach is so elegant and simple it was easy to envision myself as successful. I tried a couple of powerful personal statements and to my amazement they worked. Every morning and afternoon I’ve been saying “I like the idea that I can get control of these migraines”. It sounds strange but before practicing the my statements I was having daily migraines. It’s now been four days – without a migraine! Maybe it’s a coincidence but I’m sticking with what seems to work… And let me tell you I’m not big into things I can’t explain.” -Sandy M., Wayne, PA

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