Last week I spent two jam-packed days at a PR and Marketing Workshop in Philadelphia given by Bill and Steve Harrison of Bradley Communications.

Rather than spend years figuring out how to market my book, I’m lucky to be learning from the best in the business. (Two of their successful books are the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and Rich Dad, Poor Dad.) People come from all over the world – Australia, California, Canada – I’m lucky that I be there in 1/2 hour.

Like many authors at the workshop, if I don’t market it, no one will read it. (My book, Powerful Thinking on Purpose, helps you with a simple and fast tool that will improve the way you feel by intentionally creating positive thoughts.)

During lunch the first day I was sitting across from Linda, an author from NY. She was agitated and stressed. Next to her was Marissa, an author and social media expert from Mexico City.

I’m so overwhelmed, Linda sighed. “There is so much information I don’t know where to start.”

I know the feeling, I thought. We have been thrown at least a dozen proven tools. How to get on national tv, radio shows, listening, how to let people know what we do in 30 seconds, interviewing to learn what people want, being interviewed, selling books to corporations, and so much more.

As I was listening to Linda, I began to worry about all the ways I can get my message out too. I know it’s not possible for me to do everything. I have a practice to run, and I’m teaching a Hypnosis Immersion Training in June, an EFT Class, and a Powerful Thinking on Purpose Workshop at The Center of Success. Her words made me struggle with what to do first, how much time I’ll have, etc. I was starting to feel stressed.

Marissa chimed in, “I know how you feel. But isn’t it great that we have so many options?. When I get home I’m going to choose two ways to market my book and give it my all.”

What a great reframe, I thought. I like her positive thoughts.

Many people (like Linda), tend to look at things in the worst possible light which causes stress. Marissa was able to quickly acknowledge how she felt and began to think about it from a different viewpoint. She quickly created a new positive thought and can feel good about her options. Sure feels better than being overwhelmed, doesn’t it?

If what you are thinking is surrounded by a dark frame of negativity, how will it feel when it’s surrounded by a light frame of positive thoughts?

This week, take a moment to reframe three negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Be aware of your negative thought. Then ask yourself, what would it look or feel like from a different viewpoint.

Notice how much better you feel when you intentionally direct your negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

The more you create positive thoughts, the better you’ll feel.

The better you feel, the more positive thoughts start to happen naturally.

* * * * *

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