3 jars of rice


My Hypnosis Certification Training, Wayne, PA.


Eight amazing people were taking my hypnosis training.

Some were taking the training for their personal benefits. Some were getting certified to add to their career skills.

A 48 year old OBGYN
A 65 year old psychiatrist
A 34 year old mother of three
A 50 year old IT consultant
A 45 year old business man and entrepreneur
A 52 year old nurse
A 20 year old college sophomore
A 53 year old middle school teacher


Each student knew intuitively how true that statement was. Like many of us, they have experienced how stress thoughts can turn into headaches, stomach aches, even headaches.

I wanted them to be able to learn how powerful their thoughts are – from a different perspective.

I asked, “Do you think that your thoughts could affect rice”?


The following week I brought in three mason jars, each filled with one cup of cooked organic jasmine rice.

First, we labeled the jars: LOVE, NEUTRAL, and HATE, SHOULD
(One student said she hated that she felt she should always be doing things for her siblings, so we added “SHOULD” to the jar)

After taping a label to each jar, we placed two jars in the furthest office and shut the door.

Here’s where the real fun began. Each of us held the jar of rice that was labeled “LOVE”. As we passed the jar of rice around the table each student sent love and said loving thoughts such as:

“You are SUCH a wonderful jar of rice!” “I love you, you beautiful, healthy, wonderful rice!” “You yummy rice…I SO appreciate you!”

It didn’t take long before someone started to chuckle while showering the rice with heartfelt appreciation. Another student began to giggle, and soon, we were all roaring with laughter. In between laughs we kept telling that rice how much we adored it. After two minutes, we figured that the rice got the message and we moved on.

We then did the same with the jar labeled “HATE, SHOULD”. We berated the jar and sent it anger and hatred.
It wasn’t easy to say hurtful things to the rice.


We placed the three jars on the fireplace mantle in our office and went home.

I had an idea of what to expect based on the same experiment I had done with two previous classes. In the past, the “NEUTRAL” jar would turn a light green or pinkish color, while the “LOVE” jar would remain almost the same. Our experiment began to head in the direction I expected. At two weeks, dark mold was visible on the bottom of the “HATE” jar.

At week three, we noticed something odd.

The rice in the “HATE” jar had clearly begun to decompose more rapidly than the other jars. In the previous experiments, the only change was that the “HATE” jar had much more mold than the others.
By week eight, the differences were visible.

hate riceThe “HATE” jar had decomposed so rapidly that what remained was mostly liquid mush in the bottom of the mason jar.


rice neutralThe “NEUTRAL” jar turned yellow and retained it’s original volume.


jar loveThe “LOVE” jar remained it’s original color and original volume.


Do thoughts REALLY have so much power they caused these changes? Share your comments below!


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16 Responses to Weird Experiment With Rice Yields Astonishing Results

  1. Susan Cooper says:

    That is a pretty amazing demonstration of the power of our thoughts and words. I think I’d like try this with a group of friends. 🙂

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    You’ve got my number. That I do… LOL. 🙂

  3. I hope you told them all it was originally Dr.Emoto’s experiment.

  4. denise says:

    I wonder if the thoughts we think about other PEOPLE (ie- feeling intense positive or negative emotions about them) influence their physical health . If so, this would explain my mother in law’s current parkinsons-like but undiagnosed condition. (I am only half kidding here– the woman made my life hell for years, and I felt nothing but rage and hatred toward her in return….).

    • Wendy says:

      Denise, you asked an interesting question.

      I think that if our thoughts could affect other people, then wouldn’t Bin Ladin been affected by our anger and rage over the attacks?

      When we hold anger and rage, it’s as if we are holding a burning coal in the palm of our hand and hoping it will burn the person we are angry at.

      • denise says:

        ….so that would explain my own health issues. At 47 I am just now realizing I have the right, need, and desire to eliminate toxic people from my life. The problem is, when those toxic individuals are family members, it gets a bit complicated. Plus there’s that whole “setting a good example for my children” in terms of not cutting people off. I am finding it very challenging.

        • Wendy says:

          Denise, generally it’s difficult to stop being with family members who are toxic. I agree that it’s not really a “setting a good example” for your children.

          There are other ways to work around family situations such as this. We help our clients (who have difficult family members) by teaching and using EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique.

          This technique is amazingly effective, and easy to learn, too.

          We know that others can’t (or won’t) change.

          But YOU can change how you react.

          The bottom line is that you don’t need to eliminate
          toxic people in your life, you can choose to react to them in a calmer way.

          You can learn more about EFT on our office site below. Make sure you scroll to the middle of the page to watch the video too.


          • denise says:

            I would like to learn the EFT technique. Do you ever offer Sunday or weekday workshops? Saturdays are difficult for me.

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Denise, we just had an EFT Sunday workshop but we won’t be doing another Sunday workshop for another 6 months.

      Feel free to contact me. I can also teach you privately.

  5. Michael says:

    What a fun experiment. Our thoughts and emotions not only affect our bodies but, also the environment around us.

  6. diane litten says:

    Absolutely! Words, thoughts and beliefs are extremely powerful. Thank you. I’ve seen this experiment done with water.

  7. Bill says:

    I did this. Pretty amazing. Instead of single opposing ideas, I used groups of them. 5 positive ideas, 5 negative ideas, each in their respective containers. I got at least 3 or 4 different, disgusting colors on the negative container and it smelled horribly. The positive container stayed white and fluffy and didn’t even stink.

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