It’s no surprise I’m a proponent of being aware of your thoughts.

Because when you are aware of your thoughts you can use your abilities to shift and change them to your advantage.

I teach my clients (and frankly, anyone who stands still long enough to listen to me) how important it is to do this.


I’m minding my own business when *poof* a negative image or thought flashes through my mind.

Sometimes it’s a scary thought like an image of one of my children getting hurt.

Other times it’s a familiar doubt, like the old one that says I’m not good enough, or the fear that shouts “Don’t even bother ‘coz you’re going to fail!”

Am I responsible for these thoughts?

Why would I think this way?


Whenever these thoughts and images occur, I imagine I have a small mischievous monkey in my mind.

Now, this little monkey is generally quiet, but always alert. When she notices a moment of quiet, she seizes the opportunity to grab a negative thought, worry, or fear out of her basket and tosses it right to me.

I imagine her basket is full of colored little ping pong balls.

Each ball represents a specific negative thought.

This is my monkey’s sole purpose in life.

Her goal is to toss these balls of negative thoughts as often as possible. She doesn’t care what I do with them. She just loves tossing them!

When I was younger I allowed this mischievous monkey to toss thousands of negative thoughts every day. I believed each one. And I held onto them too.

The result of having a mind filled with so much negativity was that I was always unhappy – downright miserable.


This small monkey doesn’t care what happens to those negative balls of thoughts.

Remember, her sole job is to simply toss them.
Knowing this, I created a little mind game when my mischievous monkey is busy:

  1. When this little monkey tosses out a negative thought I immediately take action by eliminating, releasing, deflecting, or even destroying the thought.
  2. When the thought is gone, I ask myself “How do I want to feel?”
  3. I then take the answer and use it to replace the old negative thought.

I’ve gotten quite good at my game. It takes a nanosecond.

The more I practice, the better I get at this game.

The big thing is that I’ve been winning.

I’ve reduced my negative thoughts and I’m a lot happier.

And my mischievous monkey? Well, she’s got her game to play and will never give up.

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8 Responses to The Mischievous Monkey in Your Mind

  1. Susan Cooper says:

    I do love the image of a that little monkey scurrying around chasing my tossed negative thoughts. It makes me laugh and to smile. I love this tip and will keep it in mind when I have one of those awful ‘what if’ thoughts bounce into my mind. Now I’ll just toss it out and ask the monkey to chase it… :-)))

  2. Wendy says:

    Great idea Susan. Maybe that will tire the little guy out!

  3. Tj Anderson says:

    That is a great thought, but what about taking that thought and changing and filling your mind with something positive? That way you have some control of changing your thoughts to be positive.

  4. This was a very cute way to deliver a powerful message about eliminating negative thoughts. I could envision that monkey picking up a colored ball from the chest and tossing out to me. Now, when I realize a negative thought coming into my mind, I’ll stop, catch the ball and toss it back to the monkey 🙂

  5. Eileen says:

    Such a wonderful way to learn to fight the negative thoughts not pay any mind just push them out and bring in the new positive thoughts coming through thanks for making this difficult tasks seem like a cute game Helps me think I can do this I never knew how till now, go fetch monkey.

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