If your life isn’t where you want, Powerful Thinking can get you there!

Powerful Thinking means you can stop the negative thoughts and worries and
replace them with positive thoughts – so you can attract the life you desire.

Powerful Thinking teaches you step-by-step, how to attract the love you want, the career you want,
and most important – to enjoy your life by creating new thought patterns.

Once you learn Powerful Thinking, your life will change.

The Latest from the Powerful Thinking Blog

Feeling Stuck? Change The Question

Yesterday I was with a client who came to me because she feels stuck. She hates her job and has been ...
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Take Control Of Your Thoughts

When you are in control of your thoughts they no longer control you.   When that happens I guarantee that you ...
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Miracles From Visualization

Need proof that visualization can create miracles? I have an amazing true story for you. If I told you visualization helps ...
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The ONE Thing You Must Give Up To Be Successful In Business

What's the only thing you must give up to be able to have a successful full or part-time business? It's ...
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Be Like Amazon To Succeed

Amazon.com has succeeded in so many ways. Starting from almost nothing it is a website unlike any other.  Super ...
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Ignore These 3 Facts About The Law of Attraction At Your Own Risk

Has the Law of Attraction failed you? Are you still searching for the magic that can manifest your desires? Back ...
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5 Habits of Happy People

Happy people create their own happiness - from the inside out. When you sit by yourself and notice your thoughts it's ...
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My Unusual Job

Q: What is your job? A: I’m a certified hypnotist. I have a large beautiful sign outside of my office—it ...
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Practicing Gratitude Physically Changes Your Brain

Practicing gratitude not only makes you feel good, it physically CHANGES your brain! The first time someone mentioned that ...
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The Lost Video

So glad I finally found this lost video after 9 years! Years ago I saw an amazing video on youtube ...
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